Eric Shans' (Phenotract) earliest obsession with electronic music came from watching hours of new wave videos on MTV, computer game music, and getting his first Casio keyboard on which he would write small tunes and play them back endlessly.

Later influenced by industrial, and techno as well, he then began seriously producing music in 1998 and at that time, his earlier sounds ranged from harder edged aggressive sounds to techno influenced synth-pop. 4 albums and an EP later, his sound has fully evolved into a dreamy aural palette that's drenched with nostalgia. It brings together ethereal sounding synth workouts coupled with heavenly vocals. Eric also produces and records tracks under his own name which encompass some of the Phenotract sound, but are more meant for the dance floor and DJ sets as well as ambient and meditative music meant for introspection and soundtracks. His 4th full length "It's All We Feel, Every Day" is out now on and can be found here